Austrian Standards Institute awarding TRANSTEC ISO 17100 certification



On 23rd November 2017, TRANSTEC Translation ( was celebrating ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certification by Austrian Standards Institute at the Cairo International Scout Center. (Click here to see the location on Google Map)

The agenda started with the keynote speaker Dr. Mohamed Ali-Ibrahim, Middle East Director and ISO 17100 Lead Auditor of the Austrian Standards Institute, Vienna – Austria ( delivered an opening speech on “ISO 17100, The International Standard for Translators & Interpreters - How to obtain?”,

Then followed by a word by Mr. Sameh Ragab, ISO 17100 Lead Auditor on “The Winning Mindset of ISO 17100 Certified Freelance Translators”.

Then, after a short coffee and canapes break, where attendees shared viewpoints, discussions and speeches at the waiting area, the event was concluded with a word by Mr. Ahmad Mutamad, General Manager of TRANSTEC Translation ( extending thanks to the guests and all attendees and highlighting the importance of ISO 17100 for both freelancers and firms working in the translation industry on both local and regional spheres.

At last, all attendees shared their viewpoints, insights and perceptions in translation industry through an open discussion and Q&A session with the auditorium.

The event had been attended by expert and senior translators, interpreters and industry professionals from all translation firms and individuals in Egypt.