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Technical translation is one of the most specialized forms of translation that requires a certain type of translator who has sufficient knowledge and proficiency in technical and scientific terminology. In technical translation, the focus is on meaning more than concept, and there is no room for error because the cost of one mistake can be extremely high and may endanger the lives of others, such as in the medical industry.


What is Technical Translation?

Technical translation involves the translation of all texts and documents related to the technical and scientific field from one language to another, using specialized technical terms. These texts often contain mathematical, physical, chemical equations, scientific papers, user guides, and geometric shapes, among other technical and technological content. Therefore, a specialized and experienced translator is required, not just linguistic expertise.

Various technical translation materials range from highly specialized texts, such as scientific, medical, engineering, and technical journal articles, which require an expert translator in this field, to ordinary technical texts, such as product specifications, computer specifications, which do not require high expertise in technical terms, but require a translator with a good practical understanding of general terms used in technical translation.


Translating Technical Terminology

In the current era of enormous technological and technical development, new innovations, inventions, and technologies contribute to the development of society and the well-being of users. Therefore, the importance of technical translation in our lives is evident. Localizing applications, software, and modern inventions is one of the most important challenges that falls on the technical translator, which requires creating and translating these terms in a way that explains the meaning to the target language user.

At TRANSTEC, we develop a database of technical terms through our professional translators, with the aim of facilitating the handling of these terms and providing standardized terms when working on technical translations. We also ensure that all our technical translators adhere to these terminologies and glossaries to ensure accuracy and consistency in every translation.


Overcoming Challenges in Technical Translation

Technical translation presents multiple challenges and difficulties, including:

  1. Specialized Technical Terminology: One of the biggest obstacles facing technical translators is finding the correct and accurate translation of technical terms in technical texts, which may represent only a quarter of the text, but are a fundamental cornerstone of understanding the text and obtaining an accurate translation.
  2. Technical Acronyms and Abbreviations: Abbreviations are one of the most challenging problems facing translators in general, and technical translators. Additionally, each abbreviation may carry more than one meaning, and the meaning may be closely related, requiring a high degree of technical expertise for the technical translator.
  3. Measurement Units and Numbers: Technical translation often involves numbers and various measurement units, such as weights, measures, speeds, mathematical, physical, and chemical equations, among others, requiring the technical translator to have a precise understanding of these units.


Technical Translation Costs

Demand for technical translation is relatively high due to the shortage of skilled technical translators in this field, which requires a different type of knowledge that may only be achieved through long practice, training, and possibly academic studies.

In addition, technical translation requires more time than regular translations, as the translator needs sufficient time to research technical terms and produce a technically understandable text in the target language, depending on the technical or scientific knowledge level of the translator.

These factors and others make technical translation a somewhat expensive field compared to other translation fields, depending on the project's required translation and the number of technical translators needed for a high-quality translation.

At TRANSTEC, we offer you the best prices to complete your project, and we guarantee that you will receive a high-quality technical translation from distinguished translators in the technical and artistic fields.


Technical Translation Fields:

There are many types and specialties of technical or artistic translation, including but not limited to:

  • Space
  • Automobile Industry
  • Defense
  • Wired and Wireless Communications
  • Electronics
  • Games
  • Machines
  • Medical Equipment
  • Programming and Artificial Intelligence Tools
  • Laboratory Tools
  • Electrical Tools
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Communication
  • Manufacturing
  • Broadcast Technology
  • And more...


Technical Translation Services in Egypt

At TRANSTEC, we provide certified technical and artistic translation services for various documents, including:

  • Technical measurement translation
  • Technical specification translation
  • Technical catalogs and manuals translation
  • Operation and maintenance manual translation
  • Website translation
  • Patent translation
  • Signage translation
  • Audio brochure translation
  • Software translation
  • Scientific research translation
  • Technical brochure translation
  • Medical translation
  • Instructional manual translation
  • Pharmaceutical leaflet translation
  • Medical equipment instruction translation
  • Assembly instructions translation for various products
  • Service manual translation
  • User manual translation
  • Installation instructions translation
  • Technical training material translation
  • Technical guide translation
  • System requirement document translation
  • Tender document translation
  • Technical brochure translation
  • Data sheet translation
  • Industrial equipment translation
  • Factory manual translation
  • Instruction and operation guide translation
  • Engineering specifications translation
  • Technical document translation
  • Scientific paper translation
  • E-learning unit translation
  • Electronic guide translation
  • Electronic booklet translation
  • Data table translation
  • Software explanation translation


Is it possible to get certified technical or artistic translation services online?

Of course, you can simply send us the file or document you need to be translated, and one of our project managers will send you a suitable quote and expected timeframe for the translation immediately.


Technical Translation Costs

TRANSTEC offers competitive prices that suit our valued customers. Now you can get a quote for your documents and files by filling out our online request form. To request a quote, click here.


How can I get certified technical and artistic translation services from TRANSTEC?

To get certified technical and artistic translation services for your documents and files, you can request translation services now through our document translation request page or contact us directly through our contact page. Or you can call or WhatsApp us at +201007502179.


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