Translation Process

The translation process is multi-layered.  Our goal is to maintain and ensure the highest quality work.  Here is a brief overview:
1. Collect content from the client.
2. Analyze and review the content with our team.
3. Assign the right staff to each need and coordinate the team.
4. Create a timeline and steps from translation, revising and reviewing.
5. Once the project is complete, the project manager forwards it to a final reviewer.
6. Once the project is perfect, the client is presented with the work.
7. The manager goes over feedback from the client and addresses any other needs, ensuring the client's satisfaction.

We offer the following translation work:
- Translate into Arabic
- Translate to Hindi
- Translate to Portuguese
- Translate to Turkish
- Translate to English
- Translate to Tagalog
- Translate to German
- Translate to Chinese
- Translate to Tamil
- Translate to Japanese
- And many more!

Don’t use Google translate to translate your content.  It works in a pinch to get your general message across, but it is clear to native readers that it’s a machine run translation.  Have an expert translate English to Hindi, or English to Chinese.  You need an expert to provide professional content to uphold your business image and message.

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