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TRANSTEC is known for its three-Step Translation Process. Many times, when clients contact us to request quotation for a translation projects, they are amazed by our translation process including our Quality Guarantee Procedure.

During a normal translation process, the translator translates a file, after which an editor then evaluates the translation and makes necessary corrections if required. In a more vigorous translation process, the second translator translates the document back into the original language. Where an editor then relates the original document with the back translation and confirms that there are no differences between both documents.

Therefore, TRANSTEC translation process allows translators to efficiently work more and help clients with all translation projects. Using this process, we can provide more accurate translation jobs faster and at affordable rate.

OUR translation process comprises of suggested process ideal that will guarantee that your translations maintain a suitable informative tone and a high level of accuracy.

Document Translation Services

Translating into over 10 languages, our document translation service is the fundamental of the quality of work that we offer.
Once we figure out the requirement of the document translation project in hand, we will wisely appoint the right translator for your job. This is the most critical part of the process: finding someone who has vast knowledge of your field; knows the purpose of the document; is both competent and skilled, and a native speaker of the language into which the file will be translated.
We then arrange the document for translation; scrutinizing through to ensure that we are aware of any words that may have terms that need describing.

شركة ترانس تك للترجمة المعتمدة والتعريب

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