Translation of Sale Contract

A sale contract is a legal document that proves the status of a sale between a seller and a buyer. It specifies the item being sold, its price, the date of the sale, the limits or specifications of the item being sold, receipt of payment, the transfer of ownership to the buyer, and other conditions that document the relationship between the seller and the buyer and prove the buyer's right to possess the item being sold. Sale contracts can vary and may include contracts for the sale of a residential unit, a vacant land contract, a car sale contract, a commercial property sale contract, a sale of goods contract, a service sale contract (often referred to as a service agreement), and many other types of sale contracts.


At TRANSTEC, we have extensive and specialized experience in translating sale contracts, including translating contracts for the sale of residential units, vacant land sale contracts, car sale contracts, commercial property sale contracts, sale of goods contracts, service sale contracts, and many other types of commercial sale contracts. We ensure accuracy, proper legal language, and precise legal wording in translating commercial sale contracts, as well as the use of standardized legal and commercial terminology agreed upon in the foreign language into which the document is being translated. This serves the client's interest to consider the translated document as a valid, accurate, and authorized copy of the original document issued in the native or transferred language.


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