Machine Translation and the Translation Industry

Mt (Machine Translation) and the Translation Industry


The 21st century technology has made translation a little easier. Individuals are able to travel to other countries without fear of language barrier. The coming of technology in the aspect of machine translation might make the translation industry obsolete if no measures taken. Language is no longer seen as a barrier to the world today. The world has been reduced in the eyes of every individual as far as language is concern. The problem of travelling around the globe to study or translate a document has been solved. Translation has gone worldwide because a majority of the people today need it to function in their businesses. With all this technology, we are going to see how it has affected the translation industry positively and negatively.

Effect of MT (machine translation) on the translation industry

Machine translation is not as effective when a professional translator translate a document. Since the machine translation is faster in service delivery than the translation industry as a whole, it has cause the industry to lose a lot of its clients. The translation company has experience lots of profit loss over the years. Machine translation and the translation industry are in competition to gain clients trust. So the translation company has experience lay-off of workers over the past years. One thing most people fail to understand is that, when a machine translate a document, there are high probabilities that the context and content of the text can be lost. The translation company has spent more funds in order to pay its professionals so as to meet up with the demands of their customers. The company understood that, it is better to invest more on its workers than to lose all its customers.

The good thing about the coming of machine translation is that, it has brought a lot of development in the translation company. It has caused the professional translators to be more conscious and skilful in their job. There is high quality of translation provider and customer service. They do this in order to gain trust and confident of their clients. All the same, the translational company are able to give out grants in order to attract customers.

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