Certified Translation of Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an official, evidentiary document that verifies a person's date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. It is an authentic and essential document for all subsequent paperwork related to personal identification cards, passports, marriage contracts, and other documents, serving as the foundation for all these records.

Clients may require translation of their birth certificate in situations such as applying to domestic or international educational institutions, travel, job applications, or other circumstances where proof of the certificate holder's place and date of birth is required. Similar to marriage certificates or marriage contracts, the birth certificate in Egypt also states the individual's religion.

At TRANSTEC, we have extensive experience in handling the translation of birth certificates and various types of birth records, including both traditional paper certificates and modern digital extracts. We prioritize accuracy in the transfer of all data, including dates, numbers, issuance dates, and other information, ensuring that our translations are free from errors, omissions, or distortions. We provide these services as urgently as possible, with the highest quality and at the lowest cost.


TRANSTEC is a certified translation company that has been providing its services to various clients, individuals, and companies since 2007 in certified translation services, urgent translation services, urgent translation services, and fast translation services around the clock and throughout the week. Our services are characterized by fast, accurate, and high-quality translation with reasonable rates.

Documents for which TRANSTEC provides certified translation services include marriage certificates, graduation certificates, birth certificates, national ID cards, academic transcripts, insurance certificates, experience certificates, criminal record certificates, commercial registration certificates, tax ID cards, and many other documents and papers for accreditation purposes from the Egyptian foreign affairs ministry or consulates operating in the Arab Republic of Egypt or for dealing with foreign parties outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.


In addition to certified translation services, TRANSTEC provides many other services, including legal translation, financial translation, technical translation, literary translation, religious translation, journalism translation, media translation, educational translation, scientific translation, specialized translation, and many others.


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