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Copy Writing

TRANSTEC is a reputable copywriting company that has vast knowledge of promoting clients products over internet. In today, the need of a top quality copywriter service has really become a necessity and it is actually difficult to get things done without having a copywriting company by your side.

That’s why TRANTEC offers professional copywriting services for all promotional and marketing materials. If you are looking for a product promotion to produce a professional copy for your business marketing TRANSTEC is here to assist you.

We deliver intensive content for your medium, targeting your clients’ psychology and offering them the answers they request for. With our broad ranged experience, we will help you with all kinds of copy writing that your business needs.

Whether you’re looking to drive targeted traffic to your website through SEO copywriting, or you want quality leads for your affiliate programs we are here to take your business to the next level.

At TRANSTEC, we do it well, simply because we approach every task appropriately – It all begins with first analyzing your target audiences and their needs. Our experts then translate your solutions into words that your clients want to read and be assured of the value of your offerings. We will use a collaborative approach to study about your business and then translate that understanding into highly attractive copy.

Why choose us?
1. We offer SEO copywriting services that best suit your goals and budget.
2. We provide you incredible and interesting copy which will charm even a casual reader.
3. We work according to your specifications.
4. We are always available to help you in variety of projects.
5. We build relationship with client using our quality copywriting service.

Note that design turns heads, but words make your customers buy. At TRANSTEC we ensure your website copywriting converts your readers into buying customers.


Who Are We? TRANSTEC is a reputable interpretation company that offers interpretation services in 10 different languages. We have built a brilliant responsive provider of interpretation services to a wide range of companies from medical organizations to government agencies.
Language Interpretation involves a highly-trained and skillful interpreter being available at your meeting, conference or event. Their job is to facilitate communication in order to draw people closer and eradicate any form of language barrier. Basically, Language interpretation involves offering convenience for oral communication among different language speakers.

TRANSTEC has been delivering high quality language interpretation service since 2007. Based in the city of Cairo Egypt, we provide efficient interpretation service to clients throughout the Egypt and abroad.  Wherever interpreters are needed whether for foreign visitors, conferences, meetings, courtrooms, and so on, TRANSTEC interpreters are friendly, professional, and prepared to serve you. We follow the federal and state interpreter processes and have outstanding language proficiency skills.

On the off chance you’re holding a multilingual conference, meeting or event and need a language interpreter, our professional interpreters can assist you in solving any language barrier.
We are the voice of your clients. But more than that, we also serve as the voice of your customer service representatives as we facilitate communication between you and your clients.

TRANSTEC interpretation has established a unique approach for all your language inabilities. Our interpretation service involves appointing highly trained and qualified interpreters to locations where needed to interpret from one language to another.  When you choose our service for your event or meeting, we guarantee that multi-lingual audiences will have no problem with any language communication. Contact us today for your meeting, conferences and event.

Translation & Localization

Arabic and English plus affiliates covering 10 other major languages.

Welcome to TRANSTEC your universal communications center for extensive Localization and Translation Services. We pride ourselves in the quality of services we offer to our clients. We provide linguistic services that are both competitive and cost effective. Our service center is located in Cairo Egypt where we provide full support for various set of languages in key business markets.

With the international relations growing extremely, sharing of information written in foreign languages has become a priority. That’s why today, TRANSTEC has built his business round professional translators and interpreters to facilitate client’s routine transactions in order to help them grow their business.

Originated in the Translation industry, TRANSTEC offers quality localization and translation services to various companies who strive to expand their business globally. Our expertise includes software /website localization as well as documentation translation.

When other Translation and localization services look disordered and expensive, TRANSTEC will help you identify your needs and realize the differences between potential translation and Localization partners. We’re here to help you find the simplest way to expand your business to every part of the world.

At TRANSTEC, we are dedicated to delivering the high quality level of service that our clients deserve. We offer all professional translation and localization services in the languages you want, at the level of quality you deserve and at a very competitive price.
Whether you’re a new or existing client feel free to call us now or request for a quote from this website. We guarantee to offer you unbeatable customer service and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Desktop Publishing

TRANSTEC provides desktop publishing solutions by its technical translation experts.  The Desktop publishing is universally used to design printed materials, such as newsletters, advertisements, brochures and forms. However, increased computer processing ability and the widespread accessibility of more elaborate desktop publishing software make it easier and more affordable for nonprinting experts to create their own materials

Desktop publishing is also the key reference for digital typography. When done professionally, desktop publishing allows the user to produce a wide range of materials, from menus to magazine, books, without the cost of commercial printing.

At TRANSTEC, we are world class provider of perfect Multilingual Desktop Publishing services. We offer unique desktop publishing services that handle the layout of your scripts, manuals and documents regarding the source style for successfully formatted text and images.

Benefits of Desktop Publishing
1. Desktop publishing applications grants you more control over the typographical characteristics, such as kerning, and offer more support for full-color production.

2. Desktop publishing systems are essential in producing brochures, books, newsletters, and other documents that previously required a typesetter.

At TRANSTEC, we analyze our desktop publishing service to ensure that there are no special character issues, no abridged or left text and that all spacing is performed appropriately according to style guides. Contact us now to discuss your needs with one of our Project Managers. Feel free to request free quote for your next project.


Transcribing is a process of moving data from an audio format into a text format, but can also be a way of moving text information from different sources to a document format. For example, transcribing an audio or video file into a digital file format like MS Word.

One of the most common transcription service known is audio transcription service, such as from audio logs that are kept by lawyers, medical practitioners and other professionals. Similarly video often need to be transcribed in text format or another subject to the nature of the video.
Audio and video translation may be required in situations involving language barrier. It can also be required in cases where conflict or obstacle prevents the audience from understanding the dialogue or monologue that took place within an audio or video content.

AT TRANSTEC, we offer top class audio and video transcription service. We provide wide-ranging transcription services as well as specific transcription services for all organizations including ranging from medical transcription, legal transcription, academic to business transcription.

We provide professional report on every transcription service we do for you. TRANSTEC has built reputation as a reliable and professional transcribing service provider you can trust to provide accurate transcription you require. Our experienced team is dedicated to fulfilling your transcription needs with personalized responsiveness.

Whether you need conference transcription, interview transcription or meeting transcription and dictation transcription, you’re in the right place. We guarantee to deliver accurate transcripts at very competitive rates.

Our priority is to provide you with a trusted, personalized and professionally prepared transcription service. Our clients can therefore be rest assured of the consistent and superb quality of our transcription services. Please feel free to send us your project desires and we will send you a quotation immediately. The door is open for you to become one of our many pleased clients today.

Copy Editing

Copy editing has similarities with proofreading. Where proofreading emphasizes on perfection and consistency of spelling, punctuation and grammar, while copy editing involves improving a text to make it meaningful and readable.

At TRANSTEC, we look beyond sentence arrangement and punctuation, pointing out inaccuracies and factual errors and suggesting areas to expand or eliminate. We ensure that your work is error free and ready to go live. Our group of professional copy editors can take existing content you provide and do your copy editing and proofreading efficiently. Not only do we perform copy editing, the content will be screened again by our review team. In essence, your project will go through our experts for two editorial reviews.

Tackle all copy mistakes before they tackle you with TRANSTEC Copy Editing Service. Our experienced copy editors will offer you with an extra layer of competence and help you refine your text to a complete perfection.


TRANSTEC has been involved in great number of subtitle services. We have built up a highly efficient and talented team of professional subtitle translators, and can provide subtitle translation service in about 10 different languages; from English to Arabic, Arabic to English, English to French, French to English, Spanish to English and so on.
Whether you’re a video producing company or a deaf welfare agency, subtitling your videos and audio material is a brilliant way to reach a larger audience and to show that your company is socially responsive.

TRANSTEC uses a very efficient process to make sure that every subtitling project is assigned to a professional translator who can offer a perfect combination of quality and competitive cost. This way we prioritize that our clients get cost effective services combined with the greatest translation costs for every project.
If you need subtitle translation services, you’re invited to try TRANSTEC today; we guarantee you the most reliable, high quality and affordable services.

Subtitle Translation Services
Subtitle translation service is something of an art form. When subtitling, your text must accurately convey all the meaning of the voice script, bringing all these features together can require considerable lots of works and inspiration. TRANSTEC translators have extensive experience in writing subtitles for all video scripts.

Whether you need subtitling service in different kind of language, including any local variations, in order to satisfy the needs of your clients all over the world. TRANSTEC provides subtitles for films, presentations, documentaries as well as any other audio-visual project.

Here at TRANSTEC, we can provide subtitling service in about 10 different languages including English. All of our tasks are proofread by an independent third party to make sure that they are constantly accurate and of a high quality. Contact us today for free quote; we look forward to working with you.

Software Website Localization

TRANSTEC offers website/software localization to the world’s fastest moving, tech-driven organizations to take their website and software to international level. Some of the largest software companies both home and worldwide trust TRANSTEC. We lead the idea of responsive localization, allowing our clients to update their website/software strings rapidly and effectively in any number of languages. Our style of service enables companies to totally unify their website/software localization processes, reducing the reliance on translation vendors and gaining greater control over their localization projects.

With more than 8 years of experience, our team of professionals will handle your projects to the highest standards, so you can easily present your website and software to new markets quicker, in more languages.

Software/website localization is more than just the mere translation of the product's user interface. Companies want that their software/website to be adapted to the culture of their target countries, so that they can expand their business to a larger audience. Companies have now realized that a key step in successfully expanding and marketing to international clients across the globe is through website/software localization.

Software/website localization practically guarantees that your software/website "communicates" the language of your customers. In the present situation, globalization and localization might just make the difference between you and your competitors.
Software is a universal market and most of the international buyers want software that communicates their native language. Basically, when software program is created in the language of users, it gives them the ability to utilize the software conveniently. In addition, it enables users to operate it better to their best satisfaction. Thus, software localization service ensures that users are comfortable with every software they purchase.

At TRANSTEC, we apply a unique style for each and every software localization services we render. Similarly, our approach to each website and software translation project is exceptional in order to attain specifically what the client wants to achieve. We provide complete high quality localization and linguistic solutions to translate website and software from English to Arabic or Arabic to English or all other languages we do. Whether you're just starting or an already established company, we can tailor a complete scheme to positioning localization solution that includes the languages, services and level of support you deserve.


Proofreading and editing are correlated, advanced and technical processes involving taking a file and editing to correct errors. It is done for most common world languages, written and spoken for various business set ups.

Proofreading and Editing process is crucial in the translation and localization, transcription as well as the subtitling industry where cost effective work is expected, and on top priority.

TRANSTEC is a leading company in Professional proofreading services established in eradicating costly language errors from spelling, grammar, punctuation and style. We ensure all published work goes through various stages of proofreading and editing to make sure that final document is perfect with overall client satisfaction.

At TRANSTEC, we offer flawless and unique proof reading and editing services over 10 different languages. We follow the international quality standards and add value to your work. However, the process of publishing, editing and proof reading of text is done to ensure and maintain quality checks on your project.

Our proofreader and editors are highly trained to carry out high quality, fast and productive proofreading and editing processes for virtually all subject matters and in all areas of concern.

We follow a rigorous system of checks and continual checks on regular basis, to ensure that what is delivered to our clients is basically an error free copy. Our proofreaders take into consideration even little unaware punctuation errors, and eliminate them one after the other.

We provide proofreading service that enables companies and individuals to produce high-quality, content and avoid costly errors. Our full proofreading services include: Qualified, human proofreading by native language speakers who will proofread your content and deliver on time.

If you need language proofreading service and you want your work checked, modified and returned to you as quick as possible, contact us today for every proofreading service and editing service you need. We have taken vital measure to ensure our language proofreading service is absolutely the best you can get.

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