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Transcribing is a process of moving data from an audio format into a text format, but can also be a way of moving text information from different sources to a document format. For example, transcribing an audio or video file into a digital file format like MS Word.

One of the most common transcription service known is audio transcription service, such as from audio logs that are kept by lawyers, medical practitioners and other professionals. Similarly video often need to be transcribed in text format or another subject to the nature of the video.
Audio and video translation may be required in situations involving language barrier. It can also be required in cases where conflict or obstacle prevents the audience from understanding the dialogue or monologue that took place within an audio or video content.

AT TRANSTEC, we offer top class audio and video transcription service. We provide wide-ranging transcription services as well as specific transcription services for all organizations including ranging from medical transcription, legal transcription, academic to business transcription.

We provide professional report on every transcription service we do for you. TRANSTEC has built reputation as a reliable and professional transcribing service provider you can trust to provide accurate transcription you require. Our experienced team is dedicated to fulfilling your transcription needs with personalized responsiveness.

Whether you need conference transcription, interview transcription or meeting transcription and dictation transcription, you’re in the right place. We guarantee to deliver accurate transcripts at very competitive rates.

Our priority is to provide you with a trusted, personalized and professionally prepared transcription service. Our clients can therefore be rest assured of the consistent and superb quality of our transcription services. Please feel free to send us your project desires and we will send you a quotation immediately. The door is open for you to become one of our many pleased clients today.