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Desktop Publishing

TRANSTEC provides desktop publishing solutions by its technical translation experts.  The Desktop publishing is universally used to design printed materials, such as newsletters, advertisements, brochures and forms. However, increased computer processing ability and the widespread accessibility of more elaborate desktop publishing software make it easier and more affordable for nonprinting experts to create their own materials

Desktop publishing is also the key reference for digital typography. When done professionally, desktop publishing allows the user to produce a wide range of materials, from menus to magazine, books, without the cost of commercial printing.

At TRANSTEC, we are world class provider of perfect Multilingual Desktop Publishing services. We offer unique desktop publishing services that handle the layout of your scripts, manuals and documents regarding the source style for successfully formatted text and images.

Benefits of Desktop Publishing
1. Desktop publishing applications grants you more control over the typographical characteristics, such as kerning, and offer more support for full-color production.

2. Desktop publishing systems are essential in producing brochures, books, newsletters, and other documents that previously required a typesetter.

At TRANSTEC, we analyze our desktop publishing service to ensure that there are no special character issues, no abridged or left text and that all spacing is performed appropriately according to style guides. Contact us now to discuss your needs with one of our Project Managers. Feel free to request free quote for your next project.