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TRANSTEC, Certified to ISO standards

LICS ISO 17100 Certified / TUV Austria ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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Impressions on TRANSTEC by some of our real assets



I remember my first time visiting TRANSTEC for an interview. Standing now in-front of the building again, it shows me how hard work paid off always, 

From a very simple working area, no big deal of a decor, not much people to count on, and a simple office for the decent manager, to a strong castle well renewed and infinitely protected by its loyal guards of hardworking team of office managers, translators, supporters and most important it’s one of a kind CEO; a true leader with a vision, a mission and a message to deliver from the bottom of his heart, trusting his team with his career and life, giving everyone his right place with a never-ending support and appreciation for positive actions and attempts no matter how small they are.

With a manager who always THINK BIG, and a loving, caring, appreciating translators around, I will encourage everyone to be a member in TRANSTEC 

With all respect and love to this beautiful company.

Racha Wasfi

Translator at TRANSTEC




It is a great pleasure to work and contribute to the progress of such Company. As a member in TRANSTEC for two years, I have witnessed a lot of positive changes which I may call revolutionary after TRANSTEC was granted ISO certification in 2017. I wish TRANSTEC more progress and success as it is aspiring and challenging company among a lot of other ordinary competitors. 

Best and faithful wishes    

Marwa Fat-hi

Translator at TRANSTEC




I am writing to express my gratitude of being one of TRANSTEC team, as it is an honor for me to work in this place. It is a great work environment that a translator could have to gain knowledge, improve translation skills, learn new CAT tools and benefit from the experiences of the senior translators and revisers who are very helpful. 

I would like to thank specially Mr. Ahmed Mutamad, as he always encourages me to improve my translation skills and translate different fields without any fear.

Thank you all for your help, encouragement and good spirit. 

Amal Diaa

Translator at TRANSTEC




I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and skills that I have gained working in TRANSTEC

thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this team:)

Hanan Abdul-Hamid

Project Manager at TRANSTEC




First of all, thank you very much for your uninterrupted support.
I would like to tell you that I am pleased to work with TRANSTEC which is an honorable and respected organization. Moreover, I want to do every single effort to keep my good image and high-quality production for the benefit of the company.
Please allow me to thank you for all support, kindness and advice provided to me.

Ahmad Hamada

Reviewer at TRANSTEC




It's my great honor to work for one of the greatest companies in translation field. Of course, teamwork is an important factor for developing any institution, so TRANSTEC is characterized by this useful matter. Being a part of this company is a pride and joy anyone may dream.  

Makhlouf Abdul-Ghani

Translator at TRANSTEC




It is a great honor to work for such professional organization. I really appreciate the methodology followed in my training program; however, I wonder when will I work in a real translation project instead of translating templates?

Ahmad Qutb

Trainee at TRANSTEC 




I highly appreciate TRANSTEC'S management and the way it deals with freelance translators. Respectful, professional and kind project managers deal with me. They have a very good experience in handling problems arising during some tasks. Good behavior in dealing with some work defects and mistakes. They concentrate primarily on the highest quality of the work taking account on the satisfaction of their clients in each dealing.  I hope TRANSTEC further progress and prosperity.

Ahmad Taha

Translator at TRANSTEC

Ahmed Taha



I am pleased to work in a reputable company like TRANSTEC. I have very good impression about environment and collaboration between the team in TRANSTEC. I hope more success for the company and our colleagues.

Ragy Gamal

Project Manager at TRANSTEC



Our Freelance Real Assets:


For me, the work relationship is highly professional and elastic till moment and I hope it remains as such.

Pleased to be working with you.

Ahmed Waheed,

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC 




Thanks a lot. For more success. We wish you all good luck. We try hard to fulfill your requirements.

Alaa Abdul-Hadi

ISO 17100 certified TSP

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC  




I'm honored to be a member in your professional team work. Hope to continue our cooperation and well-functioning relationship.

Mona Osman

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




I’m very pleased to be a member in your teamwork, although we started working together recently but really, I learned a lot from your kind feedback on my translations, as well as your kind way in communication. Your invitations and emails mean that TRANSTEC do care about its whole teamwork and this leads to more success, this definitely reflects your professional approach in work. I do appreciate your support and I am looking forward for more cooperation with TRANSTEC. 

Sarah Abu-Donia

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC 




I am honored to work with you & your esteemed company. It's a pleasure to be part of your team. I do appreciate your constant support and feedback on my work, working with TRANSTEC improves my skills, adds to my experience. I'm looking forward for ongoing relationship with your esteemed company, 

Rasha Hamdy

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




For me, TRANSTEC is the place of the dearest friends and brothers.

For me, TRANSTEC is the first place where I began translation nine (9) years ago.

For me, TRANSTEC was and will remain the first school I got much of them.

For me, TRANSTEC is a place where I can get advice and guidance even if I didn't ask for. They insist in helping me promoting my experience, skills and abilities in a friendly and carious way.

So TRANSTEC is my home and guide.

I wish them all more success and achievements

Abdullah Al Khadrawi

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC 




I am very glad to work in TRANSTEC. I have benefited greatly from working in this company, TRANSTEC team is highly professional and well organized, the reviews are very useful. Actually, I am very pleased to work here, I hope to cooperate much longer and be an important part of your professional team

Fatma Al Zahraa 
Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC




I am very honored to work with TRANSTEC because you all are very respectful. I am looking forward to further cooperation between us. Thank you so much. 

Ahmad Ali

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC

 A QutB



Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it. I am so pleased to be one of your professional team. I hope to gain more experiences by working with you. It is so kind of you to positively write to me and give me this energy. I appreciate it so much. 

Nabyya Ahmad 

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC




It has been always my greatest pleasure to work at TRANSTEC throughout the past four years.

Professionally, working at TRANSTEC is a rich experience offering topics ranging from legal, medical, press release, correspondence, to marketing and various technical topics. Distribution of work follows a consistent pattern featuring careful assignment for the right topic-translator matching and confirmation calls. Respect is the basis of interaction among the staff and the management, backed with sound issue solving and efforts to minimize turn-over.

Overall TRANSTEC experience is highly positive.

Doaa Borhami

Freelance Translator & Reviewer at TRANSTEC




I'm really honored to receive your support that deepen the relation between you as a reputable translation firm and your staff of translators.

I have two remarks: the rate; which is under average for a translator to be satisfied, and the volume and continuity of work as it's not regular or even continual at reasonable time intervals. So, I'm looking forward to developing our relation in the future to be more profound.

Khaled Hassan 

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




Thank you very much for your positive feedback, it is a real honor working with an esteemed company like TRANSTEC; your work environment is a real professional one and the periodical meetings is really an awesome idea. My only point was the rate; I talked with Mr. Ahmed on such matter the last meeting and he promised to reconsider it since I have been getting the same rate for more than one year now without any increase.

Thank you again for your positive feedback and hoping to cooperate with you in future projects. 


Mona Shazly

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




"As a freelancer, working behind a screen, I believe that one of the useful professional experiences is to witness the growth of the organization you work for over the years. That's when you become proud of every success the company makes, you feel honored to participate by any means in its achievements, and you grow professionally with its expansion and high-quality standards that it is committed to. And this is exactly how my work experience with TRANSTEC goes. I am so grateful to all things I have learned from you, and very proud of every achievement I witness with you. And I hope I can always provide the quality that is up to your excellent reputation in translation field"

I wish you the best of luck!

Eman Nady                     

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




I appreciate my work in your respectable company, and I' appreciate your kindness and diligence. 

I think your company is very organized and you take care about your work, your employees and the freelancers working with you. TRANSTEC take care about the work and I feel comfortable in translating one of your tasks. 

I appreciate your organization concerning the payment of invoices which is one of problems facing the work as freelancer.

Keep going your work to more progress and success 


Rania Salahul-Din

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




I'm really pleased for working with TRANSTEC's professional team.

Mahmoud Hassan

Freelance DTP specialist at TRANSTEC




I really appreciate working with a reputable company like yours. Since it is characterized by flexibility, punctuality and, first of all, good quality.

On my part, I hope to continue with such cooperation, and that my work always comes up to your expectations.

Ahmad Saied

Freelance translator at TRANSTEC




First, let me thank you for your kind and most appreciated support.

Second, I would like to express my great impression about your company; for it is very trustworthy and an adding value company for the translation field as well as for all partners.

I wish TRANSTEC great success and to continue our fruitful cooperation.

Thanks once more,

Amira Mohamad

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC




I would like to thank you for your email sent below and considering me one of TRANSTEC professional team. It is a privilege for me to work with an organization like you for such a long period of time. Your work culture and professional ethics represent some of the best business in the translation industry.

I would like to acknowledge and appreciate your services and internal arrangements. I value sincerity and honesty while searching for Translation Organizations and relating resources as your organization has been an epitome of professionalism and transparency in operations.

Your prompt problem solving solutions, analytical skills, out of the box thinking and result oriented services offered either to the internal staff or to the outsourcing freelance staff have been of great help for my experience.

Thanks to all the STAFF members who have put their best of knowledge to get the work done in due time.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Noha Imam

Freelance Translator at TRANSTEC


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