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ترانس تك للترجمة المعتمدة والتعريب


Q: What are the language we translate?
A:  We basically translate from English into Arabic and vice versa, in addition we can translate into Arabic and English from any other language (40 languages). In addition, we translate European language, Asian and African Languages to Arabic and English.

Q: What are the certification, union, professional references?
A: We are certified from the American Translators Association (ata), the FIT and locally EGYTA (Egyptian Translators Association).

Q: Are we certified to embassies in Egypt and abroad?
A: We are certified translation agency providing legal certified translation to foreign embassies in Egypt. We are certified to USA, Canada embassies, in addition we are certified to translate into English and Arabic to embassies of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, and all embassies and consulates that accept documents in Arabic and English in Egypt.

Q: What are the types of services we can provide?
A: We are providing:
-    Certified translation for certificates and legal documents.
-    Website translation.
-    Software localization.
-    Commercial and legal translation to contracts and commercial documents.
-    Financial translation for banking related documents.
-    Technical translation for user, maintenance, operation manuals.

Q: What are our work capacity and number of translators?
A: We have the capacity to handle above 100 pages a day. We have variable number ranges from 30-45 in-house and freelance translator working around the clock.

Q: What are the approximate deadline for one – one hundred pages?
A: We handle rush assignments without extra charges and we can adapt to customer's needs to handle very urgent jobs instantly. Please check our Quick delivery policy.

Q: What are the prices?
A: Our rate is very reasonable and we charge upon the type of service provided and the volume of work. We make discounts for big projects and any translation assignments that exceed 50 -100 pages. Request quotation from this website.

Q: What are the steps to have a certified document?
First: the original Arabic source should be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Nehro (Heliopolis) Torjman (Torjman mall), Ahmad Orabi (Mohandsein), then translated by our office to be submitted to embassies or used directly abroad.

شركة ترانس تك للترجمة المعتمدة والتعريب

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